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Creative Ideas for Your Wellington Convention Sessions

Wellington may be a great place to hold conventions. However, the location can only do so much to keep a conference interesting. Conference sessions can often get very boring. In order to keep people interested and motivated, you'll have to develop some fun and interesting ideas. Here are a few tips you can try to make your sessions more fun. You can also try variations of these ideas.

• Interactive lectures: Lectures can be dull and boring if they are one sided. However, thanks to today’s technology, you can have interactive lectures where your attendees can discuss and debate topics. With mobile technology, you can conduct live polls, share presentations in real time, send questions to speakers etc. It’s a great way to keep the delegates engaged.
There are meeting room venues in Wellington that can arrange for this.

• Campfire sessions: Campfire sessions are fun and highly interactive. They provide a relaxed and open atmosphere that will encourage people to join in without hesitation. Above all, it will keep them attentive. However, make sure your convention venue in Wellington can accommodate something like this.

• Master class: Master classes involve keynotes presented by experts from the chosen field. Master classes are a popular option used by many to liven up conference sessions. They allow people to gain firsthand knowledge and information from the experts. Plus, there is always some “celebrity value” attached to it if the speaker happens to be someone highly recognised or popular in the field. You can try looking for conference rooms in Wellington that have special provisions to make master classes more interactive.

• Focus on the setup: This is one of the most ignored things in a conference. Whether you like it or not, the setup and environment play a key role in making your conference sessions more interesting. So, be creative. Get a professional to design the conference setup and make sure it stays relevant as well. The set-up must also allow room to move, especially for networking breaks and during ice-breaking sessions.

• Try Pro-Am: The Pro-Am model or professional-amateur model is a great way to create an interactive learning environment in your conference. This model involves creating groups of 2 to 4 people consisting of amateurs and experts. Pro-Am allows the group to learn from each other through the concept of peer sharing. For instance, amateurs ask questions and the experts provide answers. This is also a great way to exchange perceptions on problems and other topics. Even the experts can go home with new ideas that they never thought of before.

• Real-World learning: Real-world learning involves solving real-world problems. Ask the speakers or delegates to hand out actual problems to the attendees, who can then try and come up with solutions. If possible, you can even try providing attendees with problems that are relevant to where they are from. This type of a problem-solving approach makes the session more meaningful and also, more fun.

• Entertainment: As stated earlier, conference sessions have the potential to get boring or at least lag or lull at times. However, you can make things more lively by having some entertainment in between. Use your imagination for this. Maybe you can hire a stand-up comedian or an improv group. The options are endless, so do your research and see what best suits the conference and what might appeal to the attendees.

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